Whether you drive a 1994 Ford F-150 Turbo Diesel, a 2005 Holden Commodore or a 1982 Mercedes 300 SDL, your engine wear is showing signs of the high miles you have put on it. You may be adding oil all the time, dealing with loss of compression, being bothered by rod knock noises or just tired of the sluggish performance. No matter, the CerTech Gels engine repair kits have been fixing those problems for years without having to spend $5,000 to rebuild your engine.

You simply add one tube of the Gel into the oil and drive. After about 300 Kms, you add more tube (depending on engine size) and enjoy the smoother, quieter, more powerful performance. (Did we mention better fuel economy?) It really is that simple. The chemistry is in the Gel. Every time metal hits metal in the engine (trust me, it does on each power stroke) a microscopic patch is formed to rebuild the engine wear. After thousands of hits, the parts start to take on their original shape and create new engine performance. Don’t worry, the building stops once optimal tolerances are reached.

With a 100% safety factor over 10 years you will be pleased to know that no engine has ever been damaged. We absolutely stand behind these engine repair kits because we have seen so many customers get the results that you are looking for.

Compression is recovered as the rings and cylinders regain their factory spec tolerances. Bearings and journals are resurfaced too. No more smoking, blowby or rod knock. It truly is a rebuilt engine with no effort. Just add the CerTech Gels and drive your way to a new engine. Larger Turbo Diesels require more product. Place an order for CerTech Gels directly in our online shop

Products we stock

1 tube (small engines) $95


 2 tubes (4 and 6 cylinder engines) $185


3 tubes (8 cylinder engines & 6 cylinder turbo engines) $270


4 tubes (Large 8 cylinder & turbo diesel engines) $340


Place an order for CerTech Gels directly in our online shop